9 Useful Tips For Interior Design Extended Edition Design And Interior Decoration

9 Useful Tips for Interior Design (Extended edition): Design and interior decoration Kindle Edition by Rebecca S. Stevens (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition.

This is an extended edition. It published new materials on the lighting and decoration of the walls and also in it add materials about biophilic design.

This book with a few practical tips is devoted to interesting features of the decor of the premises. After reading it, you will learn a few useful things about creative design in the modern house.

Extended part

Interior items in English style: basic motifs
Than decorate the walls? Choose a stylish wall decor
All the secrets of an on-floor vase
Candlestick – an ancient accessory for a modern interior
The magic of glazing. Add space to the apartment
The facing with natural and artificial stone
Color in design psychology
Biophilic design – connecting with nature improves health and well-being


20 modern interior design ideas
Fashion trends in repair
Figures of animals in the interior – decor or mascot?
Mirror decor in the interior: the best ideas for home and office
Decorative table: how to choose and where to put?
Flowers in the vase: the secrets of creating a beautiful composition
Decorative pillows: interior in a “soft” style
Sea style: light breeze blowing in the decor
All facets of the beauty of designer objects made of glass.

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